Le Tour in Yorkshire 2014

Le Tour in Yorkshire 2014

Cote du Buttertubs - what a day!

So I followed the advice - parked at Ribblehead and cycled to Buttertubs Pass.

All the villages trimmed up.

Today it was my trusty steel Hewitt charged with carrying the camera kit.

Yellow bikes everywhere!

Nearly there - no missing Buttertubs location.

Wensleydale Cheese!

In position just after 7.30am

iPhone panoramic image.
7 hours to go and plenty of spaces - soon this place is going to look like a penguin colony!

Souvenir time - get your yellow brolly and goody bag for £10.

Race caravan - Yorkshire Tea.

Whoo nice - even visual icons like to chimp!

First chopper - what a view it must be - all 10,000 plus of us waving!

Tour caravan antics - wouldn't want this job - especially on these gradients - mind you would like to see them doing this in the Alps.

Tour caravan - BMX riding on the edge

Tour caravan - BMX rider warming the crowd up.

Gendarmerie showing how it should be done.

Police maintained route security and did a good job working with the crowd - must make a change from some of the work they do.

Tour caravan - Nuffield Health.

Tour caravan - Skoda Cars.

You gotta have a lot of bottle to drive this one - Robinsons Fruit Shoot.

Carrefour hired life-like dummies to get around the health and safety police.

Well we are in Yorkshire - get in the chips courtesy of McCains.

Jens Voigt is in there somewhere!

Go Jens Go!!

Hard chasing peloton in pursuit of Jens Voigt.

Everyone snapping away with their phones.

Can you spot Cav?

And then we went home - a most orderly decamp - what a fantastic crowd.
Well the ride back to Ribblehead was a little tougher - especially with a rucksack full of Nikon kit - never been so pleased to see the car. I've been lucky to watch Le Tour in the Alps and Pyrenees, even Dutch corner on L'Alpe d'Huez does not come close to my experience on Buttertubs Pass - how does British Cycling trump this? Thankyou Yorkshire!

For Sale!