Photography at the Fred Whitton

So you’ve got a ride in the 2017 Fred Whitton Challenge – well done!

Now the hard work starts as you bank the miles through February, March and April.

You may have booked accommodation and are finalising your travel arrangements.

Have you booked your best bike in for a manicure at the local bike shop?


Are you planning updates to your machine? Di2 or perhaps new wheels?

All that effort – you’ll no doubt want a photograph to remind you of the hard work that has gone into this ride.

Most riders want an iconic image capturing their domination of the infamous Hardknott Pass.

Here are a few tips to help us capture that moment to best effect.

We have three photographers on Hardknott Pass.

You can’t miss us – we have high vis jackets on!

Remember the golden rule if you can’t see the camera – it can’t see you!

Marian Fleming covers the bend at the bottom of the final Hardknott Ramp.

Marian likes to get the shot of you looking at that last section and the fear in your eyes! Not everyone looks worried, some riders attack it and use it as a springboard to the summit.

Steve Fleming covers the ramp just below the hairpin bend.

Steve likes to capture a sequence of images as you ride between the two bends – often known as the Ramp.

Matthew Fleming covers the upper slopes after the hairpin bend, another opportunity to be captured climbing with Eskdale Valley down below.

Series of images telling one rider's story on Hardknott Pass.

A typical sequence.....

Still going strong.....

Steady now!......

Go On! ....




Nicely done!

A classic landscape image with Eskdale valley in the right of the photograph.

We just love achieving this effect on the ramp.

Getting involved in the action!

A big smile and perfect placing in the middle of the road.

Click the shutter again and get a side on view as well.

Photographers will also be covering the start at Grasmere, Kirkstone Pass and Newlands Pass climbing out of Buttermere.

Just a few things to keep in mind before you email us on Sunday night.

We are expecting to take in excess of 10,000 images this year and that does take time to upload.
Photographers will not leave Hardknott until about 16.30 depending on riders coming through.
Quality images will be available for you to download at £8 each as well as several print options.
It will probably take 18-24 hours for all images to be uploaded in location and time order.
The search facility will be linked to your time at key locations.

We appreciate that many of you will want to download images for social media use and want them quickly.
Please don't screen grab images from this site, it is illegal and in breach of our copyright, it also denies the event charities extra income from our contribution.