Multiple Images

Quite often we capture several images of a rider as they pass by.

Combining the images in Photoshop enables us to tell a short story about your climb of the Hardknott Pass.

The final image - Tim went for the additional retro look of a 35mm film frame.

And you never know where it might lead....
Tim subscribes to Flammerouge and his picture was chosen to illustrate good climbing technique.


click this link to find the site.

The cost is one hour of Photoshop @ £30 and then whatever output you wish - so add £8 for a download or the price of a print.
A good combination is Photoshop £30 + A2 size print £25 Total £55
We can combine images to maximise the A2 print size as seen below. You can then simply cut the prints out and use as you wish.

Contact us for other options if you are interested in this type of image.