The Fred 2018

The Fred Whitton 2018

This year we were able to concentrate upon the Hardknott Pass for our photography.

We had 3 photographers covering the climb. The photographs are in timed order in our galleries. Allow 5-10 minutes between each photographer depending on your abilities.

Marian photographed the riders on the intermediate section.

Steve captured the ramp leading up to the hairpin.

Matthew captured the pain and scenic images from above the hairpin bend.

It's always great to see riders showing off their Fred Whitton official kit.

Many friendships are made on the road during the day.

Cyclists are the greatest - always help at hand.

Cyclists riding to raise funds for Macmillan.

The scenery is a key feature of the Fred.
2018 was an exceptional year, the Isle of Man was clearly visible from the climb.

Hardknott can be cruel. Cramp, grit on the road and even on a dry day water run-off can cause a moment when everything goes wrong.

I'm happy to report they all recovered quickly and carried on to the finish.

Matthew loves to capture the expressions on riders faces.

Plenty of female riders storming Hardknott.

The event is made by the people that rise up to the challenge.

I know this young man was not riding, but I couldn't resist posting these two pictures of him. He's looking good for winning a grand tour in 2038.

Finally the last few images from the day as the remaining riders tackle Hardknott.

Congratulations to all the riders. We enjoyed being there to photograph you and really appreciate the acknowledgements received about our work.