The Fred 2016

The Fred Whitton Challenge 2016

The seventeenth edition of the Fred Whitton as seen by the photographers of

Quote of the day, overheard on the Hardknott....

"The trouble with the Fred is that your body hasn't recovered from last year before it comes around again."

04.30 and the first light of day in Grasmere.

Help from Rotary Club again this year to get everyone safely parked up.

Ready for the off.

Car park at dawn

"We'll take our time and enjoy this bit"

That's a lot of packed lunches for the volunteers.

Organiser checking lunches to be dispatched to the marshals around the course.

The start gate team.

Final prep.

Fred Whitton Kit - still the best!

First rider ready for the off.

Riders in the start area.

Riders ready with their Tandem at the start.

Final checks on the GPS before the start.

Helmet sensors trigger the timing sequence.

Kirkstone Pass - a tough way to wake up!

Tandem team nearing the summit of Kirkstone.

Team MacMillian rider near the summit of Kirkstone Pass

Riders of Leighton Buzzard Road Cycling Club

Ilkley Cycling Club riders passing Kirkstone Inn.

Group passing the Kirkstone Inn.

Near the summit.

Riders passing warning sign before the descent.

Riders starting the descent of Kirkstone Pass.

Warning sign on Kirkstone Pass descent - keep safe.

Rider enjoying the moment on Newlands.

Big thumbs up from one of the regulars in this event.

Strava mini data manager - with every new special edition Garmin comes mini man. He sits on your handlebars managing the data and shouting encouragement. This rider, has invested in the system.

Descending Newlands

Sunny Hardknott - would you believe it!

Do not get off your bike - advice you can't always follow.

At the Tour de France they have the race caravan - ahem! Vespas!!

Mountain Goat Tours never to miss an advertising opportunity - off to the Roman Fort.

These guys showed up and asked us to keep the noise down.

The 'easy' lower slopes

Riders view of what is to come. This is the intermediate section, a chance to fuel up and catch your breath.

Rochdale Triathlon Club riders - still smiling!

Rider resplendent in team Bianchi kit.

Rider in almost perfect isolation - the joys of being one of the first up.
(quick advert) Our Photoshop service provided a panoramic image.

Lakes Road Club rider.

Riders approaching the final section of Hardknott.

And now the best bit....

Rob Jebb (Hope Factory Racing) is storming up the pass.

A rider and his support crew!

A strong ride - some good artwork on display as well due to the warm conditions.

Close tolerances for users of the pass.

Fastest woman on Hardknott having completed the ramp and hairpin and looking strong near the summit.

Rob Jebb (Hope Factory Racing) riding over my toes!

Rob Jebb (Hope Factory Racing) on the ramp heading for the hairpin.

Enjoying the Lakeland landscape.

Wheelie good effort.

Rob Jebb (Hope Factory Racing) lights the afterburners! There's only Wrynose between him and the record.

Team Xiii rider - a quick grimace at the summit.

Crash! Man down!

This is a big climb! Devizes Town Cycling Club rider.

Honister92 rider starting on the Hardknott ramp.

Rider sequence approaching the ramp.

Honister92 rider topping out of the climb.

Riders on the Hardknott Ramp with Eskdale down below.

Riders approaching Hardknott hairpin.

Weaving - a masterclass.

Rider in Team Telecom kit - no signal up here mate!

Rider eye view of the ramp

Honister92 rider on the ramp.

Honister92 rider enjoying the great weather.

Riding tandem up the Hardknott Pass.

You're not supposed to be smiling!

Mind my toes!

A portrait in concentration and effort.

Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue on call.


Full sunshine on the Hardknott ramp.

I'd just like to say I'm enjoying this.

Rider smiles for the camera.

Beautiful Eskdale.

Lakeland roads and this weather - make the most of it!.

Big smiles from this rider as the climb drops away back in the valley.

Big camera rig - sore neck Monday morning?

Afternoon monochrome image.

Saddleback service on the Hardknott.

Friendly Saddleback mechanic.

What a day!