Place yourself in the landscape

The one hour Photoshop retouching package has been very popular over the last two years.

We have removed cars, cyclists, spectators and enhanced physical attributes!

One of the requests has been to place the rider on the climb in splendid isolation.

So here we are the Hardknott Pass is waiting for you - simply place yourself in it.

Here is an example - one thing to remember we can only place you in the position that the original was captured - so some shots work better than others.

Cost is one hour of Photoshop and a digital download - if you have already purchased a download then only the Photoshop option is required. Don't forget to include some instructions - we will of course provide you with a proof to approve before completion.
This file is more than capable of printing to a metre wide by 300mm high and if you have the wall for it much larger than that - contact us for details.